When I decided we wanted to explore Liberty, TX, I did a quick search on the web for things to do.  The Faux Real Market popped up and I realized it was happening on the weekend I had planned for our trip.  Perfect!

Liberty Faux Real Trade Days is a monthly Flea Market that takes place once a month at Trinity Valley Exposition Center.  The Facebook page promised “Over 300 vendors, great food, mechanical bull, pony rides, and fun photo booth! Show your team spirit by wearing jerseys, t shirts, etc of your favorite team and enter to win some great prizes! We now have scooter rentals and valet parking at the Expo Hall! Over 250 covered vendors so no rain outs! Free parking and free admission! So much fun!”  Ponies? Mechanical bull?  SOLD!  The pictures on Facebook also displayed great art, vintage and antique items, and food.  Sounds like a great place for the whole family to explore. It was open from 9am to 5pm, and it advertised that it was in a covered location, so rain…. no problem.

Explore Liberty Faux Real Trade Days an indoor and outdoor flea market in Liberty, TX

The drive from Houston to Liberty was quite lovely.  We drove through a downpour, but it soon cleared and we were left watching gorgeous, wild fluffy clouds and bright blue sky.  The leaves were just beginning to change colors, so I began to have hope that Fall will soon be here.  The fair was easy to locate via GPS, and when we got close we were greeted by men flagging us to the appropriate parking area.  The overflow parking is in one big, mostly overgrown field of grass.  If you have to park out in the field – beware – there are fire ant hills.  My feet are still complaining about those.


The crowd led us into the fair grounds.  There were outside booths, as well as, indoor vendors.  We started with the indoor vendors, because… shade. The fair hosted a great variety of booths.  There was a good mix of second-hand, vintage, and antiques, along with many brand new products.  Vendors also displayed hand-crafted items, food, and lots of fun art.  My kids wanted to touch everything, because it was all so exciting, so there were alot of “don’t touch without permission” warnings.  It would have been much more manageable if we had remembered to bring the riding wagon for them, but I don’t blame them, there were lots of very pretty and interesting items on display.


Even though Fall had officially started, it was still 88 degrees and I started sweating right away.  Bugs had started to bite my legs (I was wearing capris), so I would advise people to bring bug repellent.  Halfway through our hour there, I was a hot, sweaty mess.

We found our way to the mechanical bull and my 5-year-old son was absolutely enthralled.  He and I watched a few people ride first, then he wanted a turn.  The owner of the bull was so very friendly and encouraging to all the riders, and everyone got more than one try after they fell off.  He placed my son on the bull and started with a slow, gentle ride. He soon discovered that my son could handle the bull and gave him a few quicker jolts that made my son squeal with excitement.  Basically, the mechanical bull was the total winner of the day, we all loved it!

Liberty Faux Real Trade Days is a family-friendly market with its own mechanical bull

Unfortunately, my 3-year-old daughter wanted to ride something, but she was really too small for the bull.  The advertisements said there would be small riding ponies, but we never managed to find them, even after asking some vendors.  She was appeased by the purebred puppies that were for sale.  No, we didn’t take one home, but the kids got to watch them play and pet them.

My family enjoyed the puppies at the Liberty Faux Real Trade Days near Houston, TX

By this time we were all hungry, but it was so close to lunchtime that we didn’t wanted to wait in line at the food trucks for a snack, so we headed back to the car and drove to Jax Hamburgers.

Food trucks featuring local, southern treats were featured at Liberty Faux Real Trade Days

TVE Website for the monthly schedule: http://www.tvefair.com/

Facebook Page: Liberty Faux Real Trade Days