I was pleasantly surprised to find this burger joint located inside a lovely historic building in downtown Liberty, TX.  There is a Jax Burgers franchise, so I expected a new building with a fresh franchise location, but this Jax Hamburgers is actually NOT part of the other franchise.  It is its own separate entity, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Jax Hamburgers is located in a historic building in Liberty, TX

At Jax Hamburgers, you stand in line, order at the counter, and pick up your food at the counter when it’s ready.  We had two hungry kids with us, so time was vital.  Unfortunately, by 11:30am, there was already a long line.  I saw there were plenty of table for two, and some for parties of 6-8, but very few tables for four.  I guided the kids to a table for six, felling a touch guilty for taking such a big table for only four people, but there weren’t any 4-tops, so what else could we do?

The popular Jax Hamburgers has a family-friendly menu and dining room

The line to the single register was extremely slow moving.  The girl taking the orders was also bringing food to the counter and answering the phone, so it took my husband about 15 minutes to get to the counter to order.  All this time, I am dehydrated, sitting in a warm building (not sure if there was any AC on, or if the building was cooled just from the overhead fans), and extremely hungry.  Note to self – I should actually EAT the snacks I pack for the family and stash in the car.  I was fairly grumpy while waiting for the food.

Jax Hamburgers, in Liberty, TX, has an extensive menu including burgers, sandwiches and salads

I scoped out the restaurant while we waited, and was really impressed my the variety of the condiment bar for the burgers.  There was everything you could imagine, like, two types of pickles, italian peppers, lettuce, onions, and every sauce you could think of to put on top.  I got a container of the “hot” Ranch dressing, because of course I have to dip my fries in Ranch.  I’m from Oregon, that’s what we do.

Jax Hamburgers, in Liberty, TX, has an extensive burger condiment bar

When the food DID arrive at the counter, I was stunned and thrilled.  I ordered the “Big Dirty” burger.  It was topped with bacon, pico de gallo, guacamole, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and cheddar cheese, and with it the side of fries.  Wow.  This was a mountain of toppings sitting on that burger!  I really didn’t even know how to attack it.


Eventually, I grabbed a steak knife, stuffed the bun on top, cut the whole thing in half, and dug in.  All the buns are whole wheat buns with a touch of sweetness.  Does the whole wheat bun actually count as healthy when it’s coated in butter and grilled?  Probably not, but very tasty.  The wedge fries were cooked perfectly, and quite delicious in the spicy Ranch.  My husband got the onion rings.  They had just the right amount of crispy coating.  I hate onion rings that are all batter and no onion.  These were just right.  The kids shared a grilled cheese with chips.  The only note for improvement is that there were not many beverage choices for kids, just the fountain drinks.  If I had known I would have brought in juice or milk for them.

Overall, very delicious, and we would definitely eat there again.  I just know to plan ahead for a wait if I go near a mealtime rush.

Website:  Jax Hamburgers Facebook Page

Price Range: $ (Under $10)